Speedskin Denali Climbing Skins

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Dynafit Speedskin Denali Climbing Skins

For all their skins Dynafit looked to the upski experts at Pomoca to make the right skins for the job. For the Denali they employed the tri-layer construction with a waterproof membrane in the middle of the skin to ensure your glue stays dry and your skin stays on your ski.  The grip and glide material is a complex blend of mohair and synthetic materials. This allows the skin to wick away water and provide the best balance of grip and glide. Elastic rubber tip attachment makes stripping skins simple to help you keep transitions quick and easy and metal tail attachments ensure skins stay on in all conditions.  All speedskins are lazer cut to each Dynafit ski.  No more garage hack jobs trying to cut skins just right to your skis.  Straight out of the box the speedskins are the exact right size for your Dynafit skis.  

  • Tip Attachment: KLICK rubber clip
  • Tail Attachment: KLICK metal tail attachment
Technical Specifications 
  • Material: 70% mohair, 30% nylon