Racepoint 35 Handlebar (38mm Rise)

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Deity Racepoint 35 Handlebar

Deity's all new Racepoint Aluminum DH Handlebar forced them to question, what is your breaking point?  Everyone has a different answer but their handlebars do not.  In fact, they know exactly where the breaking point is for each of their products and Deity holds them to a much higher standard than the industry requires.  Why they do this is simple, to improve the rider’s experience. But how Deity does this is much more complicated and takes more time and cost than standards require. 

For example, all of their handlebars must pass additional DEITY specific impact and stress testing based on the rate of deflection product goes through in real world situations.  This is just the beginning, every DEITY handlebar also undergoes a rigorous 12 to 24 month real world testing process under the most abusive riders in the world.  All this additional testing follows their proprietary Gradient Butting Technology which allows them to put material where they need it and not where they don’t, delivering a significantly stronger handlebar at a similar weight to Deity's competitors. 

In the end, you can see and feel all the additional processes resulting in peak performance, again never sacrificing the quality and strength to save on cost.  They are 100% confident their new 35mm bore Racepoint DH Handlebar demolishes the competition. You simply won’t find a more refined handlebar option with this level of detail, durability and performance.  Deity knows where their breaking point is so you can get out there and push yours!