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Big Bubba Camp Chair

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The Bubba Camp Chair is one of the most comfortable folding chairs you will ever own. With a high back, deep sling seat, all-day comfort is one seat away. Like most of our chairs, the Bubba camp chair comes with high-end rip-stop fabric reinforcements, oversized grommets, and seat belt webbing in all the right places. We married rock solid construction with features that are user-friendly and comfortable, like the adjustable carry strap, padded hand rests, cup holder, and adjustable pillow.

Technical Specifications

• Who would use The Bubba Camp Chair: soccer moms, campers, car campers, Hunters, fishermen • Where they would use The Bubba Camp Chair: camping, base camp, car camping, family camping, sidelines, soccer game, hunting camps, relaxing in the backyard or deck • Why they would use The Bubba Camp Chair: Bigger, relaxed sit, footrest, more comfort, more room, high back, adjustable pillow, stable, strong, overbuilt