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    Patagonia Provisions Lightly Smoked Venison Links:

    In the rainforests and watersheds of Hawai’i, growing numbers of invasive axis deer thrive on native foliage, endangering a unique and fragile ecosystem. Our partners humanely harvest the deer to limit the population, conserve native species, and produce a bountiful supply of lean wild meat, which we use for these smoky, savory, healthy little snacks.

    Product Details

    • Our venison comes from invasive wild axis deer on the Hawaiian island of Maui, where an absence of predators has allowed their numbers to explode
    • The deer devour fragile native foliage, jeopardizing both land-based and near-shore ecosystems
    • Our partners at Maui Nui manage the deer populations by humane harvest, in the field, under strict USDA supervision
    • Responsible axis deer management means native ecosystems have a chance to recover
    • The nutritious lean meat goes to local communities first, at a discount, easing food insecurity on an island where most food is imported
    • Maui Nui’s venison also goes into our links, seasoned with a hint of juniper and mustard, then lightly smoked
    • The near-absence of fat gives these links a clean finish—no greasy aftertaste

    2.2 oz bag

    6 pack