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Swix HS10 Liquid

Swix High-Speed Liquid has excellent gliding properties, is highly versatile, and can be known as the best bang for your buck wax on the market while being incredibly easy to apply. High Speed replaces the always popular Swix LF wax. High Speed was created to eliminate fluorocarbons, which can be harmful to the environment. High Speed is an excellent option for the novice tuner looking for value, or the skier looking for a maximum glide with the best value. Each specific temperature range has its own characteristics to be durable and offer you the maximum amount of glide within their conditions. High-Speed Wax can be used as a standalone wax or as a base layer for powders or other topcoats. Swix Liquid Wax is so simple to apply. Just spray on the bases of your skis, allow to dry for 15 minutes, then polish with a Fine Blue Nylon Brush.

  • Now Fluorocarbon Free-Better for the environment, without sacrificing any speed.
  • Can be used alone or as base wax for powders or other top coats.
  • A Fine Blue Nylon Brush is highly recommended for polish.
Technical Specifications
  • HS10- Replaces LF10XL
  • Temp Range: 32F-50F(+2°C to +10°C)
  • Volume: 125ml