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The Skier's Edge

Ski & Snowboard Service & Repair

For over 28 years, The Skier’s Edge has set the standard for precision and performance tuning in the Treasure Valley, and we were one of the first in the country to stone grind Nordic skis.

Our professional technicians specialize in race tunes as well as tunes for the recreational skier, with experience including work for National, World Cup, and Olympic competitors. In 2011 we purchased a brand new Reichmann Digital stone grinder and Wintersteiger edging machine to offer the latest and greatest in ski tuning technology.

Located in Boise & Meridian:

1310 W Main St Boise, ID

1739 Cherry Lane Meridian, ID

We guarantee all our ski services. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll redo the work.

Why Choose The Skier's Edge

We use a 10 step, hands-on process from start to finish vs. the typical 5-6 step process.

We use high-end service wax, tested and adjusted for our local conditions, not bulk wax.

We dress (or adjust) our grinding stone during each tune for a consistent grind and perfectly flat base. Most shops only do this once or twice a week.

We hand check all bevels for accuracy throughout the tuning process and can accommodate any side or edge bevel request.

All side and base edges are hand finished.

We iron in the final hot wax and hand brush finish all skis.

Alpine Ski & Snowboard Services

Ski Tune


Base Grind

Base & Side Edge


Set Edges

Minor Ptex & Wax

Edge & Wax


Side Edge File

Set Edges

Hot Wax

New Ski Prep


Binding Mount

Set Edges

Hot Wax

Alpine Mounting Services

*Discount Given if Gear Purchased at IMT
Alpine Binding Install / Mount & Test*
Tech Binding Mount
Binding Safety Test & Adjust$20
New Ski Setup (Binding Mount, Set Edges & Wax)*$65
Mount A.T. or Tele Climbing Heels$25

Alpine Tune & Wax Services

Ski Tune
Alpine, A.T., Telemark Hot Wax
Edge & Wax (Side Edge File, Set Edges & Wax)$20
Base Patch & Edge Repair (Per Inch)$10
Base Weld (Per Inch)$5/Inch

Snowboard Services

Snowboard Tune (Wintersteiger Stone Grind, Edge, Minor P-Tex & Wax)
Binding Install & Setup*
New Board Prep (Set Edges & Wax)$25
Hot Wax$15

Extra Services

Cut & Size Skins to Skis
Re-Glue Skins (Plus Glue Sheets)
Thermo Boot Molding$99
Cut Poles / Install Grips$15
Delfex, Riser Mount$45

Season Tune Cards

Season Tune Card
Add 2nd Pair of Skis / Board
Add 3rd Pair of Skis / Board $60 $60
3 Pack Race Tunes $180
5 Pack Race Tunes $270

Nordic Ski Services

Nordic How Wax


Temperature Specific Wax

Skate & Waxless Skis

Nordic Grind w/ Base Wax


Nordic Specific Stone Grind

Temperature Specific Wax

Race Wax Multi Layer


Base Wax

Top Coat Low Flouro Wax

Race Tune


Nordic Specific Base Grind

Thermobag Base Preparation

Base Wax

Top Coat Low Flouro Wax

Nordic Mounting Services

**Discount Given if Gear Purchased at IMT
Nordic System Installation (NIS)**
Nordic Binding Mount**

Toko Thermo Bag Preparation

Thermo Bag Wax
Thermo Bag Wax Added to Tune
Thermo Bag & LF Temp Wax$50

Season Tune Cards

Season Tune Card
Add 2nd Pair of Skis / Board
Add 3rd Pair of Skis / Board $60$60
3 Pack Race Tunes$180
5 Pack Race Tunes$270

TOKO Digital Thermo Bag Wax

TOKO Digital Thermo Bag Hot Wax - Condition your skis for ultimate performance.

Dedicated Nordic stone grinder featuring a special soft stone and Nordic diamond. We have over 20 years of experience grinding Nordic skis and have prepared skis for National, Olympic and International competitions.

Grinding for Race Tunes

Race tunes are our specialty. Up to 6 different base bevels and side bevels available with base structure matched to ski discipline.

Technical repair experts. Base patch, base weld, edge replacement.

Why Should I Tune My Skis or Snowboard?

Skis or boards are easier to turn, maneuver, and control.

Better gliding in any snow conditions.

Edges grip predictably without being grabby.

Protects and extends the life of your equipment.

Less work on the cat tracks.

It’s easier to ski in control and you'll have more fun!

Special Services: Summer Ski Care

When the season’s coming to a close, here's what you can do to be sure your skis are happy and fast come next season.

Inspect your bases - is it time for a stonegrind? Spring and summer are the perfect time to have your skis stone ground. Take a look at your skis; are they scratched up? Is the structure starting to look uneven and washed out? Are there slight discolorations in the base? Stone grinding not only provides a precise and effective structure, but it also exposes fresh base material which improves wax absorption, especially if your bases are burned or sealed. You're always welcome to bring your skis by one of our shops for an evaluation.

Clean your skis: When cleaning classic skis, use a wax remover to clean your kick zone. Also, be sure to clean any kick wax that may be on your sidewalls and topsheet of the ski. Use a glide zone cleaner to remove dirt and fluoros from your glide zones. When cleaning skate skis, use a glide zone cleaner from tip to tail. The difference between a wax remover and glide zone cleaner is that removers are designed to dissolve all wax (including glide wax) whereas glide zone cleaners remove dirt and fluoros without removing the accumulated (and benificial) paraffin wax in your glide zones. Use a fine steel brush after cleaning.

Apply storage wax: The best waxes for storage are on the softer end of the spectrum; think Holmenkol Beta Mix, Alpha Mix or Swix CH8X or CH10X. Apply a generous amount of wax to your glide zones, this will ensure protection from exposure and scratches.

Store in a cool place: Skis prefer to be stored in a cool place. Hot garages and attics might seem like a good place to have a summer-long hot box, but in reality, the prolonged exposure to heat could have negative long-term effects on your skis.

Release any tension on your skis: If you use straps or other devices that hold your skis tightly together, be sure to loosen them before storage as to insure that the camber of your skis will not be under any pressure or tension. As with storing in a hot place, this can cause issues with your skis down the road.

*For alpine gear purchased at Idaho Mountain Touring, a discount will apply for labor reflecting the following:

A $25 discount will be applied with the purchase of a single item

A $50 discount will be applied with the purchase of two items

Complimentary labor for the purchase of full system (Skis, Boots, Bindings)

**For nordic & snowboard gear purchased at Idaho Mountain Touring, a discount will apply for labor reflecting the following:

A $10 discount will be applied with the purchase of a single item

Complimentary labor for purchase of Skis/Snowboard & Boots