Nau Montage - Sustainable Style


According to...well, us, Nau is the best of all worlds: super-high fashion outdoor wear with incredible quality/tailoring and a plan for sustainability. Nau chooses their fabrics based on what is most durable and function, but keeps in mind how these fabrics are created and what is from renewable sources. The fabrics they use can be naturally found products like wool, merino and goose down, but you can also find products made from recycled polyester, Tencel and Cocona (an alternative to goose down).

Nau donates 2% of every sale to their "Partners for Change," organizations helping to create leaders, accelerating the role of environmentalism, building economies, and focusing on ways to improve human health. their approach to sustainability is to look beyond the product, and instead at the ways they can help "support how the world survives and thrives."

Nau design sketch 

Did You Know

Nau uses a collection facility outside of Paris, France, where post-consumer down is collected and sorted for recycling. Their Recycled Down Collection then is made using 650-fill recycled down. The process begins with design in Portland, Oregon, moves on to collection in France, and then to cleaning in Hungary.