Kuhl life is a good life


Kuhl Women's Kota Lined Flannel
The Kuhl Women's Kota Lined Flannel features a cotton and wool blend fabric...
Kuhl Women's Kiana Flannel
$54.99 $70.00 21% Savings
The Kuhl Women's Kiana Flannel features a soft blend fabric that combines t...
Kuhl Women's Mia Thermal
The Kuhl Women's Mia Thermal is cut from a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. Th...
Kuhl Women's Radikl Pant
The Kuhl Women's Radikl Pant features ÜBERKÜHL STRETCH™ fabric with UPF 50....
Kuhl Women's Adriana Skirt
$54.99 - $69.00 $69.00 Up To 20% Savings
The Kuhl Women's Adriana Skirt features a soft Merino/Polyester blend fabri...
Kuhl Women's Alva Thermal Top
$54.99 $70.00 21% Savings
The Kuhl Women's Alva Thermal is cut from a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. T...
Kuhl Women's Kyra Switch Dress
$49.99 $60.00 17% Savings
The Kuhl Women's Switch Dress.This fun summer style can be worn forward or ...
Kuhl Women's Inspiratr Straight Pant
The Kuhl Women's Inspiratr Straight Pant features ALPËNKLOTH™ fabric for pe...
Kuhl Women's Lena Insulated Jacket
Kuhl Women's Lena Insulated Jacket. A cotton/polyester/nylon blend fabric t...
Kuhl Women's Kyra SS Top
$39.99 $50.00 20% Savings
The Kuhl Women's Kyra SS Shirt features a soft, stretch jersey fabric that ...
Kuhl Women's Mova Kapri - 19.5
The Kuhl Women's Mova Kapri is a new variation on the beloved Mova Pant. Fi...
Kuhl Women's Svenna Long Sleeve Shirt
The Kuhl Women's Svenna Long Sleeve Shirt features a combination of mélange...


Kuhl Men's Revolvr Rogue Pant
The Kuhl Men's Revolvr Rogue Pants meet all adventure prerequisites. Fea...
Kuhl Men's Rydr Pants
Kuhl Men's Rydr Pants. The tenacious yet luxurious Rydr Mountain pant is c...
Kuhl Men's Rydr Jean
The KÜHL Men's Revolvr Jeans feature performance stretch denim with excelle...
Kuhl Men's Free Rydr Pant
The legendary Kuh Men's Rydr pant is now available with a narrower silhouet...
Kuhl Men's Ramblr Short
The Kuhl Men's Ramblr Short is a warm weather staple. A touch of spandex ad...
Kuhl Men's Icelandr Polo Shirt
$44.99 $65.00 31% Savings
The Kuhl Men's Icelandr Polo with jade-like minerals infused into the yarn ...
Kuhl Men's Radikl Pant
The Kuhl Men's Radikl Pant features a cutting-edge and patent-pending combi...
Kuhl Men's Slax Pant
The Kuhl Men's Slax Pant solves the dilemma over what you want to wear vers...
Kuhl Men's Renegade Cargo Convertible
$79.99 - $99.00 $99.00 Up To 19% Savings
The Kuhl Men's Renegade Cargo Convertible Pant opposes conventional thought...
Kuhl Men's The Lawless Pant
The Kuhl Men's The Lawless Pant is Kuhls' most heavyweight pant. Cut from l...
Kuhl Men's Revolvr Pant
The Kuhl Men's Revolvr Pant is the lightweight, Überkühl™ travel jean. By b...
Kuhl Men's Renegade Pant
The Kuhl Men's Renegade Pants. Cut from innovative DURALUX™, the durable so...

Kuhlio in the snow

Three ski bums and a climber, all searching for a way to live the mountain lifestyle and pursue freedom in the outdoors of Utah. In what is becoming a thread connecting many of the brands we carry, these four goofballs somehow got motivated, and founded what would become Kuhl, starting with making "Alf" hats out of their garage in 1983.

If Disney made a movie about successfull companies in the outdoor clothing industry, those humble beginnings would be their "Tale as Old as Time." From there, it's almost always a broken-record story of, "blah blah performance materials blah blah more articulation blah blah blah we won prestegious awards blah blah focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices and organic, natural, or recycled materials..." 

In this journey Kuhl is not unique among the clothing we carry, and that is by design. Frankly it's a path we aim to see all our brands on. 

Keep Kuhl and Chive On??

Did You Know

The Kuhl UNIMOG (or KÜHLMOG) pictured in the mural at the top of this page is a vehicle built to accomplish just about any task.  With all the attachments available to it, a Mog can operate any implement design, from snow plows, hydraulic arms and harvesters to forestry tools. Kuhl's version is almost completely custom in it's manufacture and design, but looks "right" due to a nod to the Mog's origional subtle military styling.