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The Idaho Mountain Touring Staff

Chris & Jill Haunold

Idaho Mountain Touring Owners

Idaho Mountain Touring is owned and operated by Chris and Jill Haunold who have worked together building the business since 1988. Chris started out working at a backpack and climbing store when he was 16 and continued working in ski and bike shops while going to college and between traveling all over the country climbing then later racing bicycles. In 1984 his good friend John Platt who grew up in Boise asked if he would be interested in opening a store in Boise. After spending a week living in Boise, hiking, riding bikes and skiing Chris packed up and moved he’s been here ever since. John left IMT in 1988 but they are still friends. Chris still rides bikes and skis as much as possible and even does a little climbing occasionally.

Jill was a Math and Science teacher at Meridian Middle School finishing up her Master’s degree at BSU when she and Chris met, riding bikes up Bogus Basin. They were married in August of 1988 and quickly realized that teaching  school, raising children and running a retail store were about as opposite as possible from a scheduling stand point, so she left teaching to help Chris run the store. Jill did everything at the store that Chris was bad at like bookkeeping, computers, paying bills as well as helping customers. She also bailed out and rescued stranded employees on occasion. Jill had worked in clothing stores growing up and had her mother’s eye for fashion and color, so she took over buying, merchandising and expanding IMTs clothing selection building it into an important part of the business today.  Jill went back to school and got her Doctorate from BSU and started teaching at the College of Idaho part time while continuing to help run the store.  She taught full time in the Psychology department at C of I until just recently. Jill is now the full time buyer for all the amazing clothing at Idaho Mountain Touring!

Bill Davis

General Manager, Buyer

Bill grew up at Idaho Mountain Touring and started working at IMT as a kid for stickers, then in high school and college he worked part time during the school year and full time in the summers. Bill has now has worked full time at IMT for over 13 years and is a wealth of knowledge in every department.

Bill took over the day to day operations of IMT a couple of years back from his dad after graduating from BSU with a degree in Biology.

Bill is our head hardgoods buyer for cycling and skiing.

You can find him skate/downhill skiing at Bogus in the winter and mountain/road bike riding in the summer.

Dax Tobin


Dax came to IMT a few years ago after working for Trek Bicycles, traveling the country and running Trek's west coast demo/ride support program. He is an expert mechanic and bike fitter as well as a wealth of knowledge about all things cycling.

He's an avid cyclist and loves getting outside for a ride.

Having ridden in every state in the lower 48 and parts of Canada, he knows everybody in the bike industry.

Before his cycling days he was a competitive college swimmer at Nebraska (go Big Red!). He also is the father of three awesome lil rippers.

Elizabeth GIlbertson


Elizabeth likes to climb...as in she fell climbing in Tibet about 3 years ago and had to get carted off for a lengthy hospital stay in China. As in, she's going climbing in Thailand at the end of the summer, only has a one-way ticket, and we hope she makes it back-likes to climb. She also rides road and mountain bikes, plays a mean game of cribbage, an her laugh sounds like a 2-stroke motorcycle.

Anne Kumley


Anne joined the IMT staff before any of us can remember. She grew up in the desert exploring Joshua Tree National Park and graduated from UC riverside(environmental science).

She has been working in the outdoor industry for over 20 years, initially working for the original REI in Seattle.

She currently handles the bookkeeping/accounting duties. Anne has a passion for yellow labs, she currently is raising her third adopted lab.

Cliff Starman

Meridian Manager

"Oh Captain, My Captain Cliff" runs the show in the 83646. An avid cyclist on road, trail, and even a stint as a (ghasp) Tri-guy, Cliff knows how to run a team and make people happy. Managerial skills in hand, he's always quick to put on an apron and get into the thick of service when called upon. Before coming to the outdoor retail world, he was regional manager for companies like Starbucks and Popeyes. Additional little known fact: he thinks Downtown Store Manager Bill Davis' current ride (an Infinity SUV), a "girl's car."

Braxton Holscher


Former "Head Security" at China Blue, young Braxton picked up a wrench a few years back and just hasn't stopped turnin' ever since. Braxton loves the outdoors, of course, and gets out on his bike, camping, or backpacking as often as he can...but his real passion are his ponies. Yup, Braxton likes to bet the ponies, and up until March many of his mornings would be spent in the practice stables at Les Bois Park, handing out a few sugar cubes to get a read on the ringers. He could hit the trifecta like Julia Roberts.

He's currently re-evaluating where he wants to live and what he wants to do with his life now that the park has shut down permanently.

Jena Sherrick

Sales, Buyer

"Ex-Lifeguard Jena" (as she likes to be called) is a College of Idaho grad with a degree in History, so she went the typical route of becoming a pre-school teacher for 3 years. Talk to her, it shows in her patience.

Loving anything outdoors that involves climbing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding or being with her dog, Jena also spent 2 years as an Interpretive Specialist in the Stanley, ID area...meaning she took people on hikes and pointed at the amazing countryside and talked. For 2 years. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Marc Pearson

Sales, Buyer

"I met my wife in New Zealand. I had rented a van and was driving around, living down by the river." That's just a little tidbit of Marc's life, but he's also a budding climber, an accomplished road and MTB cyclist, has his Masters in Fine Arts, and 5 years of bike shop experience (mostly in Salt Lake...by way of SoCal and Vermont).

It's like pulling teeth to get this kind of information out of Marc, however, because he's just so unassuming. Rather than talk about himself, he'd usually rather listen...or just go hiking with his mini lab in the wilderness.

Ashley St.-Pierre


Ashley seems mild-mannered...until she gets to her cross-fit classes! Like all of us, Ashley has a healthy love of the outdoors as well as killing herself in the gym. She came to us after cutting her teeth at another bike shop for a couple of years, and is currently taking classes at BSU.

Sam Kirkendall


Facts: Sam is currently studying for her Masters in Biology at BSU, she really likes bugs, and she has an extensive background in sports bra retail.  She'll also talk your ear off about dogs, trail running, skiing, camping, riding bikes, and fly fishing, should you want.

With that kind of skill set, you can see how we just couldn't let this one get away.

Rusty Armitage

Receiving, Sales

Rusty likes fishing, hiking, camping, XC skiing in the winter and cold beer and a good book at night time (he's a reader). His industrial mining background is not typically seen on resumes around here, but that's kind of what makes up our staff; just a hodgepodge of people with dissimilar backgrounds and common interests. He also spent 4 years as a buyer for a thermistor production company. I had to look up what that even means.

Josh Travis


Josh has been working with bikes locally for 16 years now, with no real specific discipline; the guy just likes all human powered forms of transportation and exploring new places, like Redfish Lake where he spent a year exploring the countryside by day and was a cook by night.

Overall, though, he's a sensitive family man, with little ego and a lot of exuberance for his young son Milo...and embarrassingly not-cool singer-songwriter-type music.

It's a quiet confidence with Josh, bolstered by his study of politics, philosophy, religion, and writing. He likes hiking and campfires and stuff, too.

Zane Dees

Shop Manager - Downtown

Zane started with the IMT in 2008 after stints with Georges and Cafferty's. His passion for cycling started young and he grew up road racing with the B.Y.R.D.S.

With 12 years racing/wrenching under his belt he now Co-manages the shop as an accomplished mechanic and ski tech. He is an avid backcountry skier and fly-fisherman.

Brian Dickinson


Brian joined the IMT staff in 2012.

He has over 25 years of experience in the outdoor and cycling industry. After nearly 30 years away from Boise working in the outdoor industry he ventured back to give us a boost and help manage our shop. He's happy to be back and love all that Boise has to offer. He's an avid fly fisherman, cyclist and skier.

Kyle Davis


Kyle has 4 years of bike shop managerial experience, and has been in the bike industry since 2004. In addition to mountain biking and all other kinds of outdoors-y adventures, Kyle is an experienced ski tech and spends many of his winter hours skiing and snowboarding in our local mountains.

Connor Haunold


Connor entered the outdoor industry at birth. Being the owners son he grew up around the shop and at industry trade shows. He officially started working here in high school as a ski/bike mechanic. He raced on the bogus basin Nordic team growing up and took first in his age group the Boulder Nordic Tour in 2014. He loves traditional archery and keeping up with his aquariums.

Toji Sakamoto


Toji joined the IMT staff in 2014. After getting a getting a degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism from Cal Poly, SLO, Toji started leading trips working for the Student Conservation Program.

From there he ventured south where he led crews doing trail inventory with the US Fish and Wildlife.  Toji loves Boises' easy access to mountain biking, climbing, rafting and snowboarding.

Gavin Harris


All of our employee portraits make us look like we're getting a mugshot for bootlegging, and maybe none more so than Gavin's. Born and raised on a farm in Wood River, Gavin has 6 years of bike shop experience as of 2016. He's also worked construction, and was a llama/bike/kayaking guide in Bellevue. 

He likes to ski, mountain bike, backpack, and fish, but mostly boat fishing. Though he grew up 10 minutes away from world famous Silver Creek, he never really took up fly fishing, preferring to go swim in the creek as a child, "scaring all the fish and pissing off the fly guys to no end," he says.

Lachlan Taggart


Walking away from a ludicrous 7 year career at Roaring Springs (3 spent as a janitor and 4 as a lifeguard), Lachlan now has 2 years of wrenching and ski-tech under his belt. He is a ski patroller in winter, likes mountain biking, performance sports cars, and "canyon carving" on his sportbike...that is, he likes, "hittin the twisties." It's the only place where he feels peaceful, he says.

Shockingly, all of this 23 yr. old's many personalities are still single, ladies.

Steven Lewis


Steven survived the mean streets of Parma via 7 years of employment at the Parma Motor View (drive in), and though in the end he was a projectionist, he assures us he didn't splice in naughty frames of filth to scar the children a la Fight Club style. From there he was off to see Germany, Spain, Kuwait, Afghanistan and more on a 4 year boat trip courtesy of the US Navy. Presumably that's where he got at least a few of those sweet tats.

These days, when his hands aren't fully greased up in our shop, they're immersed in art and graphic design work at Boise State. For fun? "I read...mostly late-18th and early-19th century history."

Yup, that's his fun time. What a hoot.

Mark Hume

Ecommerce/Web Design

Mark has been in the outdoor industry since 1991. Starting at Penn Cycle Richfield which sold the very first Trek Bicycle! He worked as a mechanic until moving to Santa Rosa, CA and started working bicycle mail order with BikePro.

Since that time he has always had more interest in the backside functioning of successful stores. IMT gives Mark a great creative outlet that allows him to use his many talents to expand the business on a national level.