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IMT Donation Policy

Idaho Mountain Touring Donation Policy


Thank you for considering Idaho Mountain Touring as a potential sponsor for your organization.  Idaho Mountain Touring pre-budgets donation funds and determines which organizations work with our goals for the community and environment.  We receive hundreds of requests each year from worthy and valuable organizations and it is always a difficult decision to choose which organizations to support. We              

If you would like to solicit a donation, please do so under the following guidelines:

  1. Please submit printed material (brochure, etc.) with your name, address, nature of request, goals, and what the requested donation is helping to accomplish.
  2. A list of the Board of Directors (if applicable) and number of members in your organization.
  3. Contact name and timeline of donation.

Again, thank you for considering Idaho Mountain Touring.  Due to the enormous number of solicitations, we may not be able to respond and meet your timeline.While we would love to donate to very organization who asks, we simply are unable too.  If you do not hear back from us, it simply means we are unable to donate to your organization at this time.




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