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Gear News & Reviews

Recharge Sustainably with Goal Zero!

By: Marc Pearson     Published: March 27, 2017

I like using my phone as a GPS unit and a camera, but always have a hard time when I'm off the grid for more than about 2 days - my phone dies. I've always been put off by the weight involved with recharging systems and hate using tons of batteries to recharge. Luckily for us Goal Zero has designed an amazing system to recharge your devices and batteries while you're out! Read more...


Electrify Your Life with a New eBike!

By Marc Pearson     Published: March 7, 2017

I remember a couple of years ago I got the chance to take a spin on an electric bike for the first time. The feeling of zooming down the street with just a little bit of pedaling effort, the exhiliration of feeling the bike propel you with each pedal stroke; it's just plain fun! Electric-assist bikes have come a long way since then and are offered in so many different configurations, from comfortable cruiser to trail-worthy mountain bikes. Idaho Mountain Touring has a full line-up of electric bikes of all shapes and sizes. Read more...

Fight Grimy Roads with New Tires

By Marc Pearson     Published: February 22, 2017


The days are getting longer and I've been itching to get outside and ride my bike. I always cringe when I start riding on the road in the spring. The snow has melted and who knows what is left on the road with all that salt and dirt from the plows. It seems like every few days we'll have someone come into the shop with continual flats, and last year it was me, I just couldn't win. Read more...

Backcountry Avalanche Safety Gear Guide

By Marc Pearson     Published: February 14, 2017


There's nothing quite like skiing in the backcountry. Fresh lines and beautiful scenery bring us back time after time. Every season the headlines come pouring in from all over the world with people being caught in avalanches. If you're going to get out in the backcountry, you're going to need some essential gear. This gear could literally save your friend's life, or your life. Read more...

How to Wax Your Skis

By Marc Pearson     Published: February 6, 2017


I think it's safe to say that the majority of us don't wax our skis often enough. And we understand that you don't always have the time to bring your skis to us for waxing, so let's talk about how to wax your skis yourself! Read more...

Navigate the Confusing World of Nordic Bindings

By Marc Pearson     Published: January 12, 2017


NNN, NIS, SNS, SNS Pilot, Prolink, BC, Auto, Manual. I remember when I learned about nordic bindings, I asked the same questions 15 times before I started to figure out which is which. How are you supposed to find out what bindings to use in this sea of abbreviations and jargon? Let's break it down. Read more...

Recharge your Gear!

By Marc Pearson     Published: January 10, 2017

You've been using the crap out of your new favorite jacket. It's amazing and you never want to take it off, but your wife keeps telling you that it's starting to smell and you should probably wash it.


Before you go throw your sweet Gore-Tex jacket in with all your other clothes and straight into the wash, let's talk about the proper way to wash and care for your technical baby. Read more...

Indoor Climbing Gear Guide

By Marc Pearson     Published: December 27, 2016


Winter can be a tough time if you're an outdoor climber. After spending months basking in the sun at your local crag, moving inside during the frigid months can be terrifying. Luckily we have some awesome climbing gyms available to us so we can still get after it when the temperatures drop. Read more...

Indoor Bike Trainers - Buying Guide

By Marc Pearson     Published: November 28, 2016

When the temperature drops below 40 the majority of people will hang up their bikes for the winter. If you're like me, I have to keep myself active on a daily basis. While switching things up to running, skiing or climbing is awesome, I also find that the decreased amount of light and the super cold days I just need something else. So enters the bike trainer. Read more...