Where to begin when it comes to Patagonia? First off, it’s a B-Corporation (“B” stands for “benefit”…we had to look it up, too), meaning it includes positive impact on society and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals. B-corps differ from traditional American corporations in purpose, accountability, and transparency. Think of them as a church for the environment, only they don’t mind paying their taxes. That’s a pretty cool thing in our opinion. 

Add to that their manufacturing processes [which are ground breaking in terms of sustainability and recycling of materials] and their philanthropy. Patagonia is not afraid to tackle big-time environmental topics such as the effects of damns on salmon runs, the importance of free range Bison to heritage seeds in America’s grasslands, and using 100% traceable down to ensure that birds were not force-fed or live-plucked.

Patagonia fleeces, rain jackets, and coats are some of the most widely-worn products in the outdoor apparel industry, and with that comes revenue. They’re a big brand, producing amazing apparel the right way. They use their financial muscle to make real change in terms of how tough environmental issues are managed. This is why we love them, and these are some of their latest and greatest products.