Olu = Comfort; Kai = Ocean

OluKai Men's Ohana Sandals

The OluKai Men's Ohana is your go to summertime flip. The difference being… [more]

OluKai Women's Paniolo Sandal

The OluKai Women's Paniolo Sandal with its saddle inspired stitch detail… [more]

OluKai Women's Upena Sandal

The OluKai Women's Upena Sandal adds multi-strap leather with a textured… [more]

OluKai Women's Ohana Sandals

The OluKai Women's Ohana Sandal. The classic ‘Ohana is your go-to choice… [more]

OluKai Women's Ho'opio Sandal

The OluKai Women's Ho'opio Sandal. Simple, slim and fun, the Ho‘opio is a… [more]

OluKai Women's Nani Kamea Boots

The OluKai Women's Nani Kamea Boots. Strong enough for the prairie and… [more]

OluKai Women's Eheu Sandal

The OluKai Women's Eheu Sandal. A perfect mix of practical and polished,… [more]

OluKai Women's Loea Sandals

The OluKai Women's Loea Sandal will wrap your feet in genuine leather… [more]

OluKai Men's Nui Sandal

The OluKai Men's Nui Sandal uses decorative stitching on footbed,… [more]

OluKai Men's Nohea Moku

The OluKai Men's Nohea Moku. Equipped for wet conditions, the Nohea Moku… [more]

OluKai Women's Nohea Slipper

OluKai Women's Nohea Slipper. Nothing says I've got nothing going on like… [more]

OluKai Women's Ola Sandal

The OluKai Women's Ola Sandal. Drawing inspiration from the sea urchin,… [more]

OluKai Men's Kipi Sandal

The OluKai Men's Kipi Sandal. With a water-ready build, the Kipi has been… [more]

OluKai Women's Waialua Mesh

The OluKai Women's Waialua Mesh. Versatile Drop-in-Heel®; for shoe or… [more]

OluKai Women's Pehuea Shoe

The OluKai Women's Pehuea Shoes. Drop in and bliss out with the casual,… [more]

OluKai Women's Nahuku Short Boots
$144.99 - $259.99

The OluKai Women's Nahuku Short Boot is as modern and sophisticated as it… [more]

OluKai Men's Hiapo Sandal

The OluKai Men's Hiapo features Polynesian Moko Tattoo Art on premium… [more]

OluKai Men's Nohea Mesh

The OluKai Men's Nohea Mesh. For the amphibious life. Simple microfiber… [more]

Olukai in NZ

OluKai: Spiritual and Legit

The interaction of the ocean and the mountains plays a vital roll in shaping what OluKai is as a company. That, to many, is just the type of etherial, philosophical "Aloha"-stuff that companies say to make customers feel great about their purchases.

In the case of OluKai that's simply not true, but if facts are what you're looking for, here are a few: They back their footwear with the peace of mind of a 1-year guarantee. They use recycled rubber in all their outsoles, and source all their leathers exclusively from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries. Hows that for some reality-based conscienceness?