Something fun from KAVU

A KAVU day is a day where there isn’t a cloud in the sky and you can see forever. Simply put, “environmental perfection”. KAVU is an acronym for the “perfect day”. Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1993, KAVU stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited.  As catchy as it sounds, KAVU is much more than just a company. KAVU is a philosophy, a perspective, and a way of life that revolves around doing what you love in nature’s playground.  

Kavu Women's Sunriver Skirt

The Kavu Women's Sunriver Skirt.… [more]

Kavu Men's Rumson Shirt

The Kavu Men's Rumson Shirt. Keep it… [more]

Kavu Women's Sydney Satchel
$34.99 - $45.00

The Kavu Women's Sydney Satchel will… [more]

Kavu Women's Isla Top

The Kavu Women's Isla Top is a free… [more]

Kavu Women's Riverbank Short

The Kavu Women's Riverbank Shorts.… [more]

Kavu Women's Slingaling Clutch

The Kavu Women's Slingaling meets all… [more]

Kavu Men's Dundee Shirt

The Kavu Men's Dundee Shirt is a… [more]

Kavu Women's Pascale Purse
$32.99 - $45.00

The Women's Pascale Purse has an… [more]

Kavu Rope Bag
$41.99 - $50.00

The Kavu Rope Bag has created a… [more]

Kavu Men's Juan Shirt

The Kavu Men's Juan Shirt. Like a cool… [more]

Kavu Men's Wild Cat Short

The Kavu Men's Wild Cat Short.… [more]

Kavu Men's Pemberton Shirt

The Kavu Men's Pemberton Shirt. Warm… [more]

Kavu My Name Is Luggage Tag

KAVU My Name Is - Luggage Tag. Pretty… [more]

Kavu Men's Yukon Bi-Fold Wallet

The Kavu Men's Yukon Wallet harkens… [more]

Kavu Men's Rupert Shirt

The Kavu Men's Rupert Shirt brings the… [more]

Kavu Women's Eloise Shoulder Bag

The Kavu Women's Eloise Shoulder Bag.… [more]

Kavu Strapcap

The Kavu's Strapcap is tuff and works… [more]

Kavu Women's Big Spender Wallet

Kavu Women's Big Spender Wallet. Simple… [more]

Kavu Men's Corbin Shirt

The Kavu Men's Corbin Shirt. A… [more]

Kavu Market Bag

The Kavu Market Bag. Large tote with… [more]

Kavu Goodie Travel Pouch Set

The KAVU Goodie Travel Pouch Set… [more]

Kavu Women's Avalon Shorts

The Kavu Women's Avalon Shorts are the… [more]

Kavu Women's South Beach Skirt

The Kavu Women's South Beach Skirt.… [more]

Kavu Napa Sack

The KAVU Napa Sack is a unique way to… [more]

Kavu Women's Ryka Top

The Kavu Women's Ryka Top. Semi-fitted… [more]

Kavu Men's Wildlife T-Shirt

Kavu Men's Wildlife T-Shirt. Athletic… [more]

Kavu Men's Jacksonville Shirt

The Kavu Men's Jacksonville Shirt. 100%… [more]

Kavu Women's Jocelyn Dress

The Kavu Women's Jocelyn Dress is free… [more]

Kavu Women's Avalon Chop Capri Pants

The KAVU Avalon Chop Women's Capri… [more]

Kavu Men's Get Dirty T-Shirt

Kavu Men's Get Dirty T-Shirt. Casual… [more]

Kavu Women's Tara Tight

The Kavu Women's Tara Tight mid-rise… [more]

Kavu Women's Cozumel Shirt

The Kavu Women's Cozumel Shirt. Free… [more]

Kavu Women's Hazel Hat

Vintage inspired beanie with ski-style… [more]

Kavu Men's Roamer Wallet

The KAVU Men's Roamer Wallet keeps it… [more]

Kavu Men's Work It Shirt

The Kavu Men's Work It Shirt. A comfy… [more]

Kavu Rope Pack

The KAVU Rope Pack is a lightweight… [more]