Fischer RCS Skate Plus Skate Stiff Skis

The Fischer RCS Skate Plus Ski is a great performance skate ski. With a… [more]

Fischer Women's RC Skating My Style Boots

Ladies Fit Concept: Fischer Women's RC Skating My Style Boots The right… [more]

Fischer RCR Skate Ski Stiff NIS

Fischer RCR Skate Ski Stiff. The arrow-shaped Fischer RCR Skate Ski has… [more]

Fischer Xcelerator Skate Jr NIS Bindings

The Fischer Xcelerator Junior Skate binding for kids provides good ski… [more]

Fischer BCX Magnum Binding

Versatile, high functional and reliable BC binding. Userfriendly, with… [more]

Fischer Junior Fibre Ski Poles

For the youngest talents. The light and stable 100% fibreglass children's… [more]

Fischer Xcelerator Super Skate Race Binding

The Fischer Xcelerator Super Skate Race was developed to improve your… [more]

Fischer Vario Superlite Crown

The Fischer Vario Superlite Crown NIS skis are ready to take off the car,… [more]

Fischer Superlight Zero NIS Classic Skis

The Fischer Superlight Zero Cross Country Skis are fast, light and agile… [more]

Fischer Xcelerator 2.0 Skate Bindings

Fischer Xcelerator 2.0 Skate Binding. An excellent binding for NIS… [more]

Fischer Xcelerator 2.0 Classic NIS Binding

New technology for faster skiing. For light racing success. Pure race… [more]

Fischer Men's RCS Carbonlite Skate Boots

Fischer Men's RCS Carbonlite Skate Boots. World Cup technologies and new,… [more]

Fischer RCS Junior Vario Adjustable Ski Poles

The long-term companion thanks to flexible pole length adjustment.… [more]

Fischer Women's RCS Carbonlite Skating Boots

The Fischer Women's RCS Carbonlite Skating Boots. Perfectly tuned to the… [more]

Fischer Women's RC7 Skate My Style Boots

The Fishcer Women's RC7 My Style boot. Narrower fit than the men's model… [more]

Fischer Fibre Crown EF

The Fischer Fibre Crown EF. Vario Crown model for newcomers and advanced… [more]

Fischer Cabonlite Skate H-Plus Stiff

The Fischer Carbonlite Skate H-Plus Stiff. Skiers with racing in their… [more]

Fischer RCS Carbonlite XC Quick Fit Nordic Poles

* These are kits meant to be cut to fit. * Designed for pure speed, the… [more]

Fischer Touring Auto Classic Binding

Fischer Auto Touring Classic Binding. Very userfriendly with an automatic… [more]

Fischer Twin Skin Race Ski

The Fischer Twin Skin Race Ski. For extremely sporty cross country skiers.… [more]