Prana in a nutshell

Be sure to look through our selection of prAna clothing.  Lots of new spring items and sale items too!


Prana Women's Luminate Short

The Prana Women's Luminate Shorts feature a convertible waistband that can… [more]

Prana Women's Dreaming Tankini Top

The Prana Women's Dreaming Tankini Top. A lovely versatile tankini that… [more]

Prana Women's Tori Capri Pants

The prAna Women's Tori Capri is soft and colorful. A figure flattering… [more]

Prana Women's Keely Skort

The Prana Women's Keely Skort combines the flattering coverage of a… [more]

Prana Women's Moorea One Piece Swimsuit

The Prana Women's Moorea One Piece Swimsuit brings modesty and style full… [more]

Prana Ramba Swim Bottoms

The Prana Women's Ramba Swim Bottoms take most of the imagination away,… [more]

Prana Women's Lahari Halter Top

The Prana Women's Lahari Halter Top. Features: Classic halter bra Provides… [more]

Prana Women's Petra Swing Top

The Prana Women's Petra Swing Top. Just so wonderfully summer. Little… [more]

Prana Women's You Tank

The Prana Women's You Tank is a lightweight slub style layering tank… [more]

Prana Women's Cali Dress

The Prana Women's Cali Dress is a summer must have. Lovely prints, scoop… [more]

Prana Women's Jackie Cadet Hat

The Prana Women's Jackie Cadet Hat picks up where the trucker hat leaves… [more]

Prana Women's Rai Swim Shorts

The Prana Women's Rai Swim Shorts. Surf level performance and feminine… [more]

Prana Women's Lena Skort

The Prana Women's Lena Skort is the perfect summertime companion.… [more]

Prana Women's Sage Convertible Pant - Reg Inseam
$64.99 - $89.00

The prAna Women's Sage Convertible Pant is a friendly traveling companion.… [more]

Prana Women's Delicate Tank

The Prana Women's Delicate Tank is another comfy strappy back tank that… [more]


Prana Men's Redlands Slim T-Shirt

The Men's Prana Redlands Slim T-Shirt is made from organic fair trade… [more]

Prana Men's Broderick Slim Shirt

The Prana Men's Broderick Slim Shirt. A slim cut version of the Broderick… [more]

Prana Men's Stretch Zion Convertible Pants - 32 Inseam

The Prana Men's Stretch Zion Convertible Pants. A water resistant, quick… [more]

Prana Men's Sediment Shorts

The Prana Men's Sediment Shorts. The 4 Way Stretch Sediment Short will do… [more]

Prana Men's Zion Chino Short - 11" Inseam

The Prana Men's Zion Chino Shorts deliver abrasion resistant performance… [more]

Prana Men's Citadel Shirt

The Prana Men's Citadel Shirt. Built in UPF 50+ protection and a yarn dye… [more]

Prana Men's Tucson Pant - 32" Inseam

The Prana Men's Tucson Pants are a favorite among jean wearing… [more]

Prana Men's Lukas Slim Shirt

The Prana Men's Lukas Slim Shirt use bold color designs and the slim fit… [more]

Prana Men's Ostend Shirt

The Prana Men's Ostend Shirt brings classic plaid and stripe style to… [more]

Prana Men's Ascension Shirt

The Prana Men's Ascesion Shirt is the perfect travel piece. Moves easily… [more]

Prana Men's El Porto Shorts

The Prana Men's El Porto Shorts are perfect pool side or a day at the… [more]

Prana Men's Bronson Short - 11" Inseam

The Prana Men's Bronson Short. They're purposeful, durable, stretchy, and… [more]

Prana Men's Patras Slim Shirt

The Prana Men's Patras Slim Shirt. The lightweight nature of this summer… [more]

Prana Men's Holstad Shirt

The Prana Men's Holstad Shirt delivers a true grit vintage look. Somehow… [more]

Prana Men's Ecto Shirt

The Prana Men's Ecto Shirt is the perfect way to start your day. Bold… [more]

The founder of Prana is named Beaver Theodosakis, which raises thoughts of my old man ranting, "with a name like that, he must be some kind of a hippy, one of those yoga freaks or someone that climbs cliffs?" Well, yeah... his company makes clothing for climbers and yoga and all sorts of other things, all with a nod to "hippy" notions like fair trade and organic cotton and wind power initiatives. Yup, dad...ole' Beaver is all of those things, and, gasp, some of his clothing is even made out of hemp.

Other garments are made out of wool, or recycled plastic, or tree fibers like rayon and viscose...all of which are traceable from where thy were grown, through processing, and all the way to the end product. Though now a very successful company, it's a testimony (and little wonder) that almost all of Prana's initial employees are still working there. Simply: they're doing things the right way. 

Prana wearers only hike near castles

Did You Know

Prana even packages their products differently, using raffia to wrap most of their garments, and by using recycled paper bags for shipping they have reduced their company-wide usage of plastic bags by 74%.