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Idaho Mountain Touring is conveniently located in downtown Boise minutes away from the both the foothills trail system and the greenbelt. We have a knowledgeable staff the can get you set up and riding in a short time. With every Bike Rental you receive a helmet & lock at no charge. Have your own special pedals? Bring them in and we’ll put them on. We have a limited selection of pedal types on hand.


Bike Rentals

Bike Demos Bike Rentals Kids & Cruiser Rentals

Want to try out the latest suspension or the newest wheel size, or just ride a really nice bike? IMT’s Demo bikes are perfect.

We have 3-speed town bikes for cruising around town or the Greenbelt, Full Suspension or Hardtail Mountain Bikes for the trails & Aluminum  or Carbon Fiber Road Bikes  for the Road.


Bring the kids along, we have bikes they can ride or kid trailers you can pull them with.                                               

If you interested in renting a specific bike check in with us, these bikes rotate in an out of our rental/demo program seasonaly, we do our best to keep up with them on the web.

Rental Rates


0-4 hours(back on the same business day) 4hrs to close Over night  back by the next day at noon Back by the next day by close (7pm) add'l day One week rental

Giant Simple Cruisers 

$20 $25 $30 $35 $15 $110

Road Alumminum 

$30 $40 $50 $60 $25 $185

29er/27.5 Hardtail

$30 $40 $50 $60 $25 $185

Road Carbon

$40 $55 $70 $85 $35 $230

Full Suspension

$35 $50 $65 $35 $30 $230

Kids Trailers

$10 $10 $15 $15 $5 $45


$50 $75 $100 $125 $50 $425


Want to rent a bike, give us a call @ 208-336-3854 for the quickest response, or you can email Zane.

We are open 7 days a week for your riding enjoyment. Being less then 5 miniute from the trailhead makes it easy to ride right from the store. Or if your interested in a nice ride next to the Boise river on the greenbelt we are located 5 minutes from there as well. 

Terms And Conditions

What do I need to rent a bicycle from Idaho Mountain Touring?

  • Valid Drivers License 
  • Credit Card
  • Signed Waiver

Wether your out enjoying the Boise Greenbelt or racing along one of our foothill singletracks, IMT wants you to have fun!   We try our best to bring you the highest quality bike for your specific needs.  Wear and tear is part of the process, however, should you abuse or damage a rental bike, you are responsible for the damages.  Helmets will be provided if needed at no additional cost.  We also provide flat repair needs.

Popular things to remember:

  • Love your pedals...We will install your pedals for your ride
  • Prefer your own helmet... Bring it.
  • Water bottles, we will sell you one, but they are not provided

If you would like to reserve a bike ( and we recommend 30 days in advance to be sure) , contact Zane for more details.

Want to streamline your rental experience print this form and bring it in when renting your bike.

E-mail Zane

Where to Ride

Wanna know where to go? Click here to see where to ride on pavement. Click here for mountain bike rides. 

Footage of some of the IMT shop employees riding trails about a 5 minute bike ride from our downtown location.